The Kennel

Nabucos-PugThe Nabuco kennel started as if by chance, from a desire of having a female pug. Since Lolita’s acquisition, still a puppy, in 1994, we saw this wish unfolding in a long and emotional story, told in the book NABUCOPUGS – Memories of a Kennel.

After a lot of dedication to the breed’s improvement, with seriousness and love towards the dogs, we interrupted our breeding, but kept our twenty retired pugs with us.

Five years later, during 2013, we are back to breeding with the precious help from our friend Dionas Variani.

Right below, the testimonial of our many-year friend:

Mine, was always directed to dogs.
Since young, I saw myself surrounded by them.
In the end of my teenage years, I was gifted a pug.
Then my charm with the breed started.
In the house of a great friend, I met a very beautiful specimen called NABUCO’S BOOGIE WOOGIE. He impressed me so much that on that day, I decided: I will be a pug breeder, exclusively originated from Nabuco Kennel.
With the number on my hands, I gave the first phone call, in which I was very well answered by Mrs. Angela Nabuco, and soon I noticed her love for dogs and tenderness with people.
Then, our friendship and mutual respect started.
I feel very honored for being part of the improvement and perfectioning of the breed, along with Mrs Nabuco, in Brazil and around the world.