Our Diet for One Pug

Dear Friends, this is our home made food for one pug bitch and for one pug dog. This is the minimun amount we give them, and we increase it according to each pug, if more active ou younger. Just observe the weight and increase if necessary. For other breeds, one can give a proportional amount

Hints in our Therapy Diet

Hello friends, here go some information about our Therapy Diet: Fresh fisk can be frozen only for 15 days. After this it is not good for eating. Here we only freeze fish for 1 week. Here chicken neck is given them alternately to the fish. Both are calcium sources, and the fish also provides iodine


Dear friends, a little more about our diet. For those who wish to try it, it is important do it exactly the way we recommend, so the food will be balanced to garantee your dog’s healthy. To those who will freeze it, I suggest to low off the water before offering to your dogs.