Pug Eyes

Pannus: mancha de cor marrom, de forma arredondada e irregular,  no canto inferior esquerdo do olho (seta) / Pannus: large brown spot in the left down corner of the eye. It is round and has irregular edges (arrow)

Pannus: large brown spot in the left down corner of the eye. It is round and has irregular edges (arrow)

Pannus circundado em azul na foto / Pannus rounded in blue line in the picture

Pannus rounded in blue line in the picture

We pay a high price for having made so many changes in the breed, and pug’s eyes are part of this. The desired wrinkled faces can cause enthropio, turning the lids inside and causing friction on the cornea (which is the outer transparent part of the eye, like the glass of a watch). Other relatively common pathology of pug’s eyes is the dry-eye, that also happen in other breeds and humans. The tear produced is insufficient and the eye works like a machine without oil. The friction of the lids hurts the cornea, and the wind redraws the eyes, that become shineless and show frequent white or yellow outflow. Both situations (enthropio or dry-eye) produce an auto imune response by the cornea that can lead to blindness if not treated in time. It is the Pannus (or Pigmentary Ceratitis), a dark brown layer that begins in the corner of the eye, and spreads slowly through the hole cornea. If your pug has a pannus or frequent outflow in his eyes, take him immediately to the veterinary ophtalmologist. Entrophio must be treated by surgery, and those who have pannus must use Ciclosporine ointment in their eyes to the rest of their lives. Ciclosporine increases tear production and supress growing of the pannus. It is expensive but indispensable. It can be manipulated and usually is cheaper this way. Tacrolimus can also be used, but our experience showed better results with Ciclosporine. In severe cases of dry eye, corticosteroid eye drops must be associated to imrpove Ciclosporine’s effect. We introduced here the use of a known plant in these eyes. It’s Aloe Vera (pictured below). With 1 drop of the leaf’s sap once or twice a day, these eyes turned shiny again, no more presenting repetitive conjunctivitis, even in cases only partially controlled by Ciclosporine plus corticosteroid drops. In these cases we could descontinue the use of corticosteroid drops, that are extremly damaging to the eye. Aloe Vera is also used sucessfully here to clean pugs wrinkle on the nose.

Atention, please!!! Aloe Vera does not substitutes Ciclosporina
Atention, please!!! Use only Aloe Vera (large leaf), do not use Aloe Arborescens (narrow leaf)

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Aloe Vera