Memories of a Kennel

The book

A pug, two pugs, twenty pugs ruling everything! This story was written for dog lovers. Because nobody but one of them is able to understand it.

The author

A book is made on its own, from a blooming wish, like a flower. We can say it happens through the hand of the writer. About the author, the story itself will tell.


The book Memories of a Kennel tells the amazing story of one of the biggest kennels in the world. In it, we find jewels of a successful handling, with its ups and downs. And we hope these fifteen years of experience may be inspiration and examples for the dog lovers, and especially for those of the PUG. And might other fifteen come!!! DIONAS VARIANI

*This is a literary work. Although some references to the handling and breeding of pugs are made, this is not the goal of this book.

**A share of the revenue will be donated to professional dog sheltering institutions.

Only R$34 (around US$17)

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