Who is this girl?


Do you remember my photo on Facebook? I’m Nabuco’s Lothus Flower, and I was born on 01/14/2013. My new pictures will be posted when I get older. Meanwhile, I enjoy life playing with my little friends.


Dear friends

At least the Nabuco kennel’s new website is ready! It is a pleasure to announce that we came back to breeding, what only became possible with the participation of our friend Dionas Variani. We own her this great joy. Important to express our gratitude to all breeders that gave continuity to our work, in such a competent and ethical way, during these years we have been absent. Impossible not to be proud to see the wonderful descendants from Nabuco pugs, when bred to other kennel’s great lines, in Brazil and other countries around the world. We are back to carry on with the fascinating genetic selection of the breed, all together. A pleasure and a challenge that will gather us, who love and respect pugs, all over the world!

We hope you enjoy the new pugs of our team. Others will be presented soon!
Now you can find everything on the same website: the pugs, the sale of our e-book “NABUCOPUGS – Memories of a Kennel”, the blog and much more! Hope you enjoy it!


Comida / Food
Dear friends, a little more about our diet. For those who wish to try it, it is important do it exactly the way we recommend, so the food will be balanced to garantee your dog’s healthy. To those who will freeze it, I suggest to low off the water before offering to your dogs.